Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color for Your Red Brick House

Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color for Your Red Brick House

Ever stare at your red brick house and wonder what color garage door would give it that extra pop? You’re not alone. Choosing the perfect garage door color for a red brick house can be a challenging task. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll share some expert tips and insights to help you make the right decision. Whether you’re looking for a bold contrast or a subtle complement, we’ll explore a range of color choices that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your red brick house. So, let’s dive into this colorful journey and find the best garage door color for your red brick house.

Key Takeaways

  • A complementary color scheme is pivotal to enhancing the aesthetics of red brick houses. Green, along with shades of taupe, gray, and black, serve as great garage door color choices to contrast the red tone of the bricks.
  • Exterior features such as window trims, shutters, exterior doors, and the roof color can either augment or diminish the visual appeal of your red brick house. Their color must harmonize with the garage door color to ensure aesthetic cohesion.
  • Classic white, bold black, and earthy tones are regarded as effective color choices for garage doors on red brick houses due to their respective characteristics and the contrast they provide.
  • Factors such as the house’s architectural design, local lighting conditions, and existing exterior shades should be considered when choosing your garage door color.
  • The paint longevity and maintenance needs of the garage door’s material are also critical considerations. These include knowing which types of paint are best adapted to resist environmental conditions and understanding the advantages and drawbacks of materials like wood, steel, vinyl, or aluminum.
  • A garage door color choice doesn’t just reflect personal preference. It must serve to enhance your home’s external appeal, distinguish the property from the neighbors’, and foster potential market value enhancements.

Understanding the Aesthetics of Red Brick Houses

In order to fully appreciate your red brick house’s aesthetics and make the best choice for a garage door color, it’s crucial to understand few influencing factors. These include the significance of complimentary colors and the effect of exterior features on your house’s overall appearance.

The Importance of Complementary Colors

Complementary colors play a pivotal role in enhancing your house’s aesthetics. In terms of red brick houses, these are colors that beautifully match or appeal against the red tone. By sphere of color theory, green sits across from red on the color wheel, making it a complementary color. However, specific shades of taupe, gray, and even black can also create an elegant look.

For instance, a sage green garage door can create a peaceful balance against the fiery red tone of the bricks, while a dark gray door could lend an air of sophistication. It’s crucial to study these effects as the perfect complementary color not only maximizes your house’s curb appeal, but also boosts its potential market value. Whether you choose to paint the door yourself or hire a professional, consider how the color interplay can transform your home’s exterior. Adding decorative elements like a charming doormat or potted plants can enhance the effect, turning the area into an inviting space. Remember to clean up after your projects to avoid poop or other debris, which can detract from the overall look. Finally, consider adding a few comfortable beds of flowers around your entrance to tie the colors together beautifully. If you need creative inspiration, browsing drawing designs online can provide you with plenty of ideas.

Impact of Exterior Features on House Appearance

The rest of your house’s exterior features play a considerable bid for the overall look of your house. Outside fixtures, such as window trims, shutters, exterior doors, and even the roof color, can augment or diminish the visual appeal of your red brick house.

Take, for example, a whitewashed wooden garage door could create a charming, rustic look against red brick, if paired with white window trims and a light-colored roof. By contrast, a black garage door would create a bold, modern statement paired with black window trims and a dark roof.

In essence, understanding these elements, including the combination of complementary colors and the influence of exterior attributes on your red brick house, contributes to your quest for the best garage door color. By accounting for these factors, one can achieve remarkable aesthetic cohesion and enhance their home’s impact.

Best Color Choices for Garage Doors on Red Brick Houses

Best Color Choices for Garage Doors on Red Brick Houses

Feeling perplexed by the plethora of color options available? Worry not, as I’m here to elucidate the link between effectual color coordination and residential esthetics.

Classic White Garage Doors

One of the most utilized garage door colors for red brick houses remains classic white. Flaunting a fresh and clean vibe, white garage doors bring out the fiery undertones common in red bricks. Amidst their brightness, they tend to stand out, yet blend seamlessly with the red brick architecture. From white steel sectionals to painted wooden carriage doors, homes that employ white garage doors make a timeless statement that’s hard to ignore. They also grant homeowners a luxury of versatility, providing a perfect backdrop for a plethora of trim colors and exterior accents such as lantern-style lights or wrought-iron hardware.

Bold Black as an Accent

Another avenue to explore for optimizing curb appeal is a bold black garage door. Rather than melting into the background, black garage doors offer a striking contrast to red brick exteriors. They don’t merely perform a functional role but transform into an accent piece, adding a contemporary flair that breaks up the traditional red brick aesthetic. With black, you get a robust color that doesn’t show dirt or stains easily. It’s a fitting choice for homeowners seeking to make a bold, yet tasteful statement while simultaneously maintaining a low-maintenance garage door.

Earthy Tones for a Harmonious Look

In quest of a more understated look? Earthy tones might offer the perfect fit! These hues, which range from sandy beiges to rich browns, resonate well with the natural, warm elements of red brick. Not only are they subtle, but they also bring a touch of sophistication to your home. Furthermore, they prove to be a commendable choice when the goal is complementing other exterior features like wooden trims or stone paths. Brands such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore offer a broad spectrum of earth-toned garage door paints known for their longevity and ability to sustain a harmonious appearance throughout seasons.
Remember, the color choice for your garage door isn’t just about personal preference — it’s also about enhancing your home’s external appeal, distinguishing your property from the neighbors’, and potentially boosting its market value.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Garage Door Color

Choosing an ideal garage door color for a red brick house includes more considerations than just personal color preference. Other aspects such as the house’s architectural style, local lighting conditions, and existing exterior shades play crucial roles in this decision.

The Style of Your Home

The architectural design of a property has a significant impact on the best color options for the garage door. Houses styled in colonial or Georgian themes usually pair well with classic colors like whites and creams, while contemporary homes can afford to take risks with bold choices like black or deep navy. For instance, if your dwelling possesses a Victorian vibe, pastel hues can add a charming touch. By contrast, a modern or minimalist design might lean towards stark grayscale shades, providing a chic, streamlined appearance.

The Lighting in Your Area

It’s worth considering your local climate and the amount of light your garage door gets throughout the day. High light exposure might wash out lighter colors, making them appear faded, especially in sun-drenched areas. Alternatively, darker hues, such as black or navy, may consume too much heat in scorching conditions, leading to damage or discoloration. Thus, you might opt for a mid-tone color, which can withstand varying degrees of light exposure without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Existing Exterior Colors

The existing color palette of your house’s exterior also plays a key factor in choosing a suitable garage door color. With a red brick façade, earthy tones can complement the natural hues in the brick and create a harmonious look. Yet, if the trim, windows, or front door hold strong, standout colors, it might be better to choose a neutral shade for the garage door, keeping the overall look balanced and cohesive. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a pleasing, coherent exterior that enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Maintenance and Material Considerations

Maintenance and Material Considerations

While color choice is paramount in achieving visual harmony with red brick houses, it’s equally crucial to factor in maintenance and material aspects when deciding on garage doors. These concerns add longevity to your home’s appeal and practical utility.

Longevity of Different Paints

Consideration of paint longevity is essential to retain the luster and vibrancy of garage doors. It’s crucial to know that all paints aren’t created equal. Certain paints are specifically designed for exterior use, resistant to weather effects, while others offer high resistance to UV rays, ensuring stable color for years. For instance, latex-based paints provide flexibility and longevity, standing up against cracking and natural wear and tear. Oil-based paints, on the other hand, offer a tough and durable finish that withstands the elements, but may fade over time. Thus, it’s important to choose exterior paints that cater to the environmental and wear conditions your garage door will face.

Type of PaintDescription
Latex-based PaintFlexible, long-lasting, resists cracking
Oil-based PaintTough, durable finish, but may fade over time

Material Choices for Garage Doors

The type of garage door material also greatly influences color choices and maintenance needs. From traditional materials like wood to modern options like steel, vinyl, or aluminum, each has its strengths and complexities. Wood doors, for instance, bring a classic aesthetic, compatible with a wide range of paint colors. However, they demand frequent maintenance to ward off potential warping or rotting. Steel doors offer greater durability and low maintenance but may be susceptible to dents and scratches. Vinyl and aluminum pose almost zero maintenance, ensure color longevity, but offer limited color options.

Garage Door MaterialCharacteristics
WoodClassic aesthetic, wide color range, requires regular maintenance
SteelDurable, low maintenance, prone to dents and scratches
Vinyl/AluminumLow maintenance, longevity of color, limited color options

While making a garage door color choice for a red brick house, consider the paint’s longevity and the material’s maintenance needs. The right balance provides not only visual satisfaction but also practical durability.


Choosing the right garage door color for a red brick house isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about durability and maintenance. Classic white and bold black are timeless options that harmonize well with red brick. But don’t forget to factor in your home’s architectural style, local lighting, and existing exterior shades. The garage door material, whether it’s wood, steel, vinyl, or aluminum, also plays a crucial role. Each material has unique characteristics and maintenance needs. When you balance color choices with these considerations, you’ll create a visually pleasing and practically durable exterior for your red brick house. Remember, it’s not just a garage door – it’s a statement about your home.

Selecting the right garage door color for a red brick house involves finding a hue that complements the brick while enhancing the overall curb appeal. HGTV recommends neutral tones like beige, white, or black to create a balanced and sophisticated look. Additionally, Better Homes & Gardens highlights that choosing a color that matches your home’s trim can create a cohesive aesthetic, making your home stand out beautifully in the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some suitable garage door colors for a red brick house?

For a red brick house, classic white and bold black are both effective color choices for a garage door. The ideal color, however, depends on factors such as the architectural style, local lighting conditions, and existing exterior colors.

Are there any other considerations for selecting a garage door color?

Yes, when choosing a color, one should also consider material aspects and maintenance. Different types of paints like latex and oil-based options have variable longevity, which can impact the choice of color.

What garage door materials have been discussed in the article?

The article discusses various materials such as wood, steel, vinyl, and aluminum for garage doors. Each has its own characteristics and maintenance needs that can influence the homeowner’s choice.

Why is paint longevity important when choosing a garage door color?

Paint longevity impacts the maintenance requirements for the garage door. A paint with high longevity will require fewer touch-ups or repaints, reducing the overall maintenance efforts and costs.

Can one balance Visuality and Longevity when selecting a garage door color?

Yes, by considering factors such as paint type, material, architectural style, and local lighting conditions, one can effectively balance visual appeal with practical durability when selecting a garage door color.